I am working on creating my spring capsule wardrobe.  A faddy thing for shizzle.  But I love the idea of having a limited number of pieces in my closet – fewer decisions, fewer dramas.

Project 333 is the inspiration, but I tried lots of figuring this weekend to see if 33 pieces would work.  It sounds like a lot, but it ended up not being enough.  I dress fairly casually for work, but I sometimes have to dress up.  And I want my weekends to be super casual, wearing stuff I don’t wear at work.

So I am limiting myself to 50.  And that is good enough.  Especially since the crazytownness of my hormones means I really don’t have “seasonal” clothes.  I am always hot (and warm to  – badumpdump), so my spring, summer, fall, winter clothes only vary by the accessories I wear.

I will narcistically be documenting some of my favorite pieces and themes.  Because I am the least fashion-y person ever, so that makes total sense.


I made 2/50 of my pieces yesterday.  These are infinity scarves that are fairly short so they aren’t too long when not double-wrapped.  The black one is from some precious Liberty of London fabric I purchased recently.  It is dreamy.  The blue and white scarf is out of some Cloud 9 voile.  It also feels dreamy and was a lot cheaper.

Infinity scarves are very easy to make – so much easier than I expected.  And it is great to be able to make them the exact length I want.  They do have to be finished with a bit of hand stitching, but after you put the scarf on, you can tell that it is there at all.

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