In Progress, Not About Quilting or Sewing

Capsule Update

I have been having fun with my capsule wardrobe.  It is simplifying life knowing exactly what I am going to wear everyday.  My closet is a lot less crowded.  And I have added a few fun seasonal-y pieces to make things a bit more woot.

These orange sandals are my favorite.  They were 1/2 off (still expensive, but not ridiculous) I think because of the color.  And they are comfortable and make me tall.


I have been trying to like myself more.  Gosh darn that is hard.  But with self love comes self care.  #preach  I took this selfie in the spirit of liking myself better.  I looked like a spazz posing in front of our forsythia at the end of the driveway.  But I don’t absolutely hate the picture. #progress #hashtag



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