You Should See This

I have been going to the Nelson-Atkins a couple times a week since early April.  I am participating in Museum Guide volunteer training, and DH is sweetly taking me to the museum every weekend so I can get to know the galleries and the art better.

I heard an explanation once about how the smoking rates in the U.S. declined – essentially everything was tried all at once – education in schools, increased taxes, anti-smoking advertising campaigns.  We don’t know if one thing worked, but we know that throwing everything at the wall created a positive change.

That is how I am attacking my art history education – YouTube videos, reading, looking – learning art and history and art history.  And I can sense that little tiny connections are starting to be made in my head.  Inch by inch by inch I know more.  Recently, I have been trying to know more about Chinese art and history – no small subject.

Today DH and I went to the Chinese galleries to see porcelains.  Most that I wanted to see were on loan and not displayed.  That led us to the Chinese painting gallery and there was this gorgeous piece.  Lee Lee Nam has created a multimedia display of a famous Chinese masterpiece from 1072 by Guo Xi.  The painting is reimagined as changing throughout the four seasons.


The waterfalls move and each season is accompanied by sounds of the season.  It truly is wonderful.  You should totally go and see it.

This will be the first in what I hope is a series of suggestions of beautiful and compelling art to go see in Kansas City.

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