Project Linus, Ta Da Done

Another Baby Quilt

Things have been hard the last few weeks. Some of my favorite blogs let people into their world – are honest and share the struggle so we all feel a little more human, like we are in this thing together.  I want to be able to do that – but it is hard.  Hard to share, hard to open up.  So the sadness remains cryptic, but I appreciate you being out there dear reader.  It will all be ok.  It has to be.

And, so, another baby quilt.  Setting aside the weirdness of a woman who has never had a baby making baby quilts, they make me happy.  Full of bright colors and promise and joy of a baby on a homemade quilt.  I mean, really, that is amazing.  And so I make baby quilts.IMG_2855

I want to make 12 quilts for Project Linus this year.  This one is #3.  A lot of my friends are having boys.  And so making a girl quilt is pretty darn fun.  This one is from a Bonnie and Camille charm pack and a lot of French General faux linen.  The pattern was fun, and I made this one a bit easier on myself by quilting just on to the batting and then tying with the perfect shade of aqua to the backing.  I think this quilt is going to make a little girl smile.


This is the end of the simperingly sweet waxing on baby quilts.  For now.  There will be more simpering and there will be more baby quilts.



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