Running out of ombre!

In moments of distraction, I often play the mental game of “what if you could only have…”.  An example is “What if you could only ever eat food from one region?”  I would pick Mexican.  Or Italian.  Luckily, not a real eventuality but it is entertaining to think about.
Living in a country and class full of options, it is a luxury of the imagination.  As frivolous as it is, I appreciate you allowing me to indulge.
If I could only buy one brand of shoes… David Tate.
If I could only listen to music from one band/musician… Wilco.  And Cake.  And Diana Krall.
If I could only wear one brand of clothes… Eileen Fisher. (there is endless money in my thought exercises)
If I could only drink one type of beverage.  Peppermint tea.
This is as far as I have gotten in this exercise, except for one more thing…
40×40 baby boy quilt, using V & Co Ombre grey, navy, taupe.  Sunny Skies block pattern from Missouri Star.
Backing fabric is Message in a Bottle by Hawthorne Threads.
What if I could only use fabric from one line of quilting fabric (GASP !!  The horror)?
It would DEFINITELY be Ombre from V & Co.  No question.  I perpetually have a low-level fear that I will run out and not be able to buy more.  But I can’t buy all of the ombre.  That would be crazy.
I have completed one baby boy quilt using ombre.  I am working on a second baby boy quilt that might be my favorite baby quilt I have ever made.  I paired it with Kona medium gray.
The pattern is a simplified version of a pattern from Wanderlust Quilts.  I made the pattern without inset seams, which makes it slightly less striking – but it still is the bomb diggity.
I hope to finish this weekend.  And then I am going to work on a quilt for myself that uses the ombre.  So that I will always have some around me.

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