Never say never: my adventure with a rag quilt

I love making.  I love pulling stuff out of my brain and onto paper or fabric.  I struggle with requests for specific colors or patterns.  But because I am baby-quilt woman and every new mom wants “something and grey – very muted” for their babies – I try to find the challenge in the restraint – choosing fabrics and patterns that allow me to express my creativity while still meeting the intent of the brief.

Sidebar:  I get good practice setting boundaries as craft woman – I don’t make t-shirt quilts or hem anything.  I can’t make curtains or dust ruffles or clothes.  I hate saying no, but I have to in order to protect my limited sewing time.  Most quilters reading have just affirmed with an AMEN!

BUT (there always is one), a friend and cheerleader of my work and her beautiful daughter sent me a picture of the quilt they wanted for her pending bundle of joy.  I, of course, was going to make her a baby quilt.  I am, after all, baby quilt woman. And I made one for her older sister that they gushed over… “How did you do it?”  “I love the fabrics!!”  “The pieces are so tiny!”  And then they texted me several pictures of the baby with the quilt.  Some thoughts…

  • Sorry fabric designers for all the credit I take for your gorgeous and creative designs.  People conflate me being bright enough to buy cute fabric with me designing the fabric.  Again, apologies.
  • Pictures of babies on me-made quilts are more precious to me than gold or donuts.
  • I make quilts so that they are swooned over.  No shame in admitting it.

The quilt I was going to make for Youngest Daughter of Dear Friend had been designed a hundred times in my head.  So I was more than a little sad when they had a request for a SPECIFIC quilt.  And that quilt was <dramatic pause> a rag quilt.  In blush and neutrals.  I don’t know how to make rag quilts, I don’t particularly like them.  Because she had a specific request, she offered to pay me for the quilt.  I don’t think I ever will be ready to take money for making baby quilts – too much pressure!

But I am a nice person or have problems setting boundaries (let’s be honest, it’s the second one).  So I found pale fabrics, read how to make a rag quilt.  2 days before the baby shower I was making, making, making.

Boy to the HOWDY! was I wrong.  Making rag quilts is pretty fun.  And not hard.  And blush and grey make a gorgeous color combination.  I am thinking of SELLING them on Etsy.  There is a lot of demand for them!

Anyway, here is a picture.  And I know there will be more coming with a gorgeous baby perched upon it.  Joy.




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