Grey Squares Bed Quilt: Finished!

  I finished the top for this quilt in early December, and dropped it off at the quilters and got it back in early March.  Booo.  But I couldn’t face quilting something this large on my little machine.  But I can’t face waiting that long for a quilt to get back to me again.  Conundrum.Continue reading “Grey Squares Bed Quilt: Finished!”

The state of things: frustration, delay, too much to do

I have a lot going on.  My sewing eyes were bigger than my sewing stomach. Too Much To Do The deadline for my three-zip pouch partner swap is fast approaching.  I have made two pouches – one for my mom that was pretty, if not a wee bit wonky – the other abysmal – gorgeousContinue reading “The state of things: frustration, delay, too much to do”

Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill

Since I got home from work yesterday, all I have wanted to do is dig into the Kristyne Czepuryk Blogger’s Choice bundle that showed up in the mail yesterday. I drifted off dreaming of those dreamy fabrics.  But I made a committment to myself to clean my closet today.  And I did.  But after thatContinue reading “Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill”