All about that embroidery

Hello, void.  I hope you are well.  I am ok.  Not making the best choices always.  But never giving up. A few weeks ago I was at my parents’ for dinner and my mom showed me this cool embroidery project in a quilting magazine.  You melt crayons on fabric and then backstitch around the image.Continue reading “All about that embroidery”

deadlifts and dermabrasion

Small joys can amount to a happy life… the feel of good deadlifts with real weight coworkers that make work joy a challenging and rewarding job a squeaky clean face finding my voice in situations where it was once lost having experience to share finding other humans who will expose their soft spots an adorableContinue reading “deadlifts and dermabrasion”


Driving up the mountain from Boulder to Estes Park.  Jeff Tweedy is serenading me.  I see a plane push up into the air making a fast vertical line of smoke.  Just as quickly, the plane dives, creates another line of smoke as it plummets to the ground and then pulls up right before crashing intoContinue reading “Gone”