Drawings and Writer’s Block

  I want to write every day – but today is a day when my head and body are tired.  I want to climb into bed… but I am finding that pushing through is sometimes a better feeling.  Keeping this commitment to myself is important.  So, with writer’s block, I am sharing some things IContinue reading “Drawings and Writer’s Block”

You should see this: Chrysanthemums by Henri Fantin-Latour

  I love pictures of flowers.  Controversial, I know.  Henri Fantin-Latour was part of the Impressionist gang.  In fact, he painted a famous and lovely picture of the boys in the band. He didn’t like going outside.  So while he was their friend, he stayed inside painting pictures of flowers.  I can’t imagine a muchContinue reading “You should see this: Chrysanthemums by Henri Fantin-Latour”