It is December. It is cold. It is Monday. This is dinner.

I am trying to make cooking interesting, tasty, simple, easy meals a normal occurrence around here.  I am challenging myself to cook on Monday nights.  Most Monday nights I would like to crawl under a blanket and eat a cheeseburger. But I have been finding that once I start to cook, it isn’t that bad.Continue reading “It is December. It is cold. It is Monday. This is dinner.”

Ready for the next year…

I pontificated last week about my impatience.  My impatience does drive me to constantly look for new challenges.  Quilting really helps me with that – there always is something I haven’t done yet and projects to finish. Quilting is still my love, but it has been my all for the past year.  As I think aboutContinue reading “Ready for the next year…”