Finish: Vintage Star Wall-Hanging

DH recently fixed some, ahem, issues with our kitchen ceiling.  And I have been slightly inspired to redecorate it a bit – editing, mostly, to go with a vintage vibe.  There is this weird space that needed a custom-sized thingamy.  So I made a quilt, of course. I love the colors in this one.  ActuallyContinue reading “Finish: Vintage Star Wall-Hanging”

Itsy Bitsy Dordable Baby Bibs

A little friend of mine had her first birthday recently. I had some fun making these little bibs for her. Some Notes: 1. I love working with a warm color palette. Keeping it to just red, pink, orange, yellow always ends up with something that really makes me happy.  This project has just a soupconContinue reading “Itsy Bitsy Dordable Baby Bibs”

Warm Star Baby Quilt – A FINISH!

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I am so thrilled with the progress I have been making with getting some WIPs done. This is a completed quilt that began life during my orange-pink-red-yellow obsession.  And then it sat for a bit.  Over the past week, I added a yellow and red border – usingContinue reading “Warm Star Baby Quilt – A FINISH!”

Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age

A friend of mine at work is having twin boys. She is a wonderful person – she possesses the sort of kindness that is rarely seen. Quiet and kind and smart. Did I mention she is a wonderful person? We aren’t close friends by any stretch – but she is the sort of person youContinue reading “Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age”

More Little Girl Quilts – Three Finishes

I think I have almost worked through my making-quilts-for-little-girls phase.  First there were was this one… I wanted to make bright chevrons on a mostly neutral quilt.  This quilt was an absolute blast…. my points are getting much crisper, and nothing much better than these warm, girlie colors on the background of my favorite fabric.Continue reading “More Little Girl Quilts – Three Finishes”