Fine Arts Certificate, Not About Quilting or Sewing

The Best Thing I Ever Painted

There have been ups and downs since my diatribe on learning to paint.  I did a truly scary self portrait.  I did a passable landscape (the worst of all those done in my class, but it didn’t induce wretching).  But the best thing I have painted is a blueberry Le Crueset little dish I have.  It had great color and shape and the shadowing wasn’t bad.  And now I can’t find it.  I can find every other painting that I have made, but the blueberry is missing.  Trust me, it was pretty darn good.  Like almost high school good.

Instead I will share a picture of my second best painting.


I have only one painting class left and we get to work on our final projects, which I think I will like.  I am glad I stretched myself, but I am glad the class will be over.  Next semester is Drawing and Fiber and Impressionism Art History.  This girl is looking forward to all 3.