It is December. It is cold. It is Monday. This is dinner.

I am trying to make cooking interesting, tasty, simple, easy meals a normal occurrence around here.  I am challenging myself to cook on Monday nights.  Most Monday nights I would like to crawl under a blanket and eat a cheeseburger. But I have been finding that once I start to cook, it isn’t that bad.Continue reading “It is December. It is cold. It is Monday. This is dinner.”

Really Bad Pictures of Food

My favorite recipe-giver, Winne Moranville recently posted a request for a great picture of her Any Night Baked Rice recipe, lamenting the fact that taking good pictures of food is hard and boring.  True dat.  I feel the same way.  If she were going to have a contest for the WORST picture of her recipe,Continue reading “Really Bad Pictures of Food”

Wine and Cherry Filets + Arugula Salad

Another one of my recent cooking adventures.  Unfortunately I can not get a good picture of food in my house.  Maybe I need to cook dinner at 8 AM to catch the right light. This meal was wonderful.  All from my new cooking bible, the Bonne Femme cookbook.  We splashed out on some good filets,Continue reading “Wine and Cherry Filets + Arugula Salad”