Doesn’t it seem like Fall flies by?  Definitely the best of the seasons and it always goes too quickly.  This year is no different.  We only have the kids every other weekend, so our fall weekends are precious.  When my stepson had an all-day debate tournament last weekend, we tried to get some fall fun in with my stepdaughter, but it was tough.  Every place was busy, no parking, etc., etc.  We did get this one adorable picture of her though.

I have been enjoying some sewing.  I have tried to focus on process rather than pushing to finish a lot.  I have worked on this quilt several weekends in a row – which is pushing against my desire to GET STUFF DONE.  Which is probably good for me.



I have fluctuated between loving and hating it – but I think I am solidly in the loving it camp now.  I love all the interesting shapes the 1/2 square triangles and triangles make.  And I think I like the color palette – lots of low-volumes and neutrals and a purple-less rainbow.  I had cut several black squares, but it was too overpowering, so they were edited out.  Which means I will be several blocks short to be able to finish my quilt.  But I am ignoring that fact right now.



I had to make 240 1/2-square triangles for this quilt.  Actually, 480 because I got a little baby 1/2 square triangle by sewing a 1/2-inch over from my seam for the big 1/2-squqr3 triangle.  About a third through the process, I taped guides on the machine so I didn’t have to mark my squares.  Lesson learned – going to do that from the beginning next time.

Happy Fall – I am hoping for cooler weather here so that this little guy will want to cuddle at night.




I love purl soho too much.  The gorgeous projects, colors, materials beckon me to a life that is not mine.  Simple, pure, fresh, minimal color palette.  My life is full of complications and color and chaos.  And that is how I like it – for reals.

But I can get lost in the purl soho website.  And I have more than once.  I have banned myself from it.  NO. MORE.  Does that seem excessive?  It probably is, but lets examine the evidence…

It started with this bag…  the wraparound pocket tote.  I love the style of the big pocket on the outside.  I made this as a thank-you gift for a woman at work.


It was a challenge.  I powered through and like what I ended up with, but it was a challenge.

And so I made a second of the same tote in the color palette of my life.  And I really, really love it.  The pattern was a lot easier the second time – and very satisfying to make.


And now I have a sea of in-progress purl soho projects.


Upper Left: A selfish-sewing modular block quilt

Upper Right: An advent calendar with felt pieces.  This one definitely has a deadline.

Lower Right: Letters for my niece.  This is a wonderful project – making an alphabet using purl soho’s amazing felt (you can’t get stuff like this at Joann).

Lower Left: Giant scarf.  Lots of tiny, tiny stitches.  I love the stitching and I am sure I will love the outcome – but this one probably won’t be ready until next fall.

These are just the purl soho WIPs.  Too, too many.  And so I need to play it as it lays.  No more pushing to finish lots.  I am going to do my best to enjoy my stitches, delight in each little finish, and try really darn hard not to start anything new and staying off the purl soho website.  Wish me luck.

WIP Update

Here is a change of pace… a blog entry about quilting on a quilting blog!

Sharing my looooong list of WIPs….

IMG_2462Project Linus Quilts – I have 9 more I want to make before year end.  I have one top done, and several unused quilt blocks in bright colors.  My goal was 1 quilt per month, but has been only 1 quilt per 3 months.  Lots to catch up on.  Luckily I mostly just need to quilt and bind.  I have lots of blocks to use.

The Colorado Quilt.  Despite a giant list of projects waiting for me, I lost one whole weekend to making scrappy log cabin blocks to frame the row-by-row patterns  I collected in Colorado.  The blocks are so full of color and joy.  I really want to get back to this project.


The Living Room Wall Hanging.  Again.  One of the last projects I finished before I got my Juki (I love my Juki) was a wall hanging for the living room featuring curved blocks.  Loved the fabric.  Loved the pattern.  But my sewing was sub-par.  My skills and sewing machine weren’t suited for the project.  I then got really bummed out that a bunch of gross light black dye stains got on the quilt when I washed it.  My husband claims I am the only one who can see them.  I know he is lying.  And I am so sick of seeing them.  I am working on a replacement from  pattern in Quilt Now.  I love how the new quilt will look.  And so looking forward to not facing that stain every day.


Poppies!  Earlier this year my mom and I collaborated on a quilt as part of a challenge from our Modern Quilt Guild.  We didn’t finish in time, but it is such a cool project that I would like to see to completion.  It is a representation of the World War 1 Museum in Kansas City.  Everything is done except for appliqueing on the poppies.


Tessellation Quilt.  This one is for the love of fabric.  I have the fabric, I have the desire.  I hate paper piecing.  But the good stuff sometimes takes the most fortitude.  And the quilt will be amazeballs.


Big Charming Bed Quilt.  This one is a bit anachronistic – It is a quilt for our bedroom – the one room in our house that is tres grown up.  It is a very modern pattern in very French General fabric.  I just need to piece the top.  This one I will have to send out for quilting.  I love my Juki, but not that much.


Heather Bailey Framed Improv.  I lurvs Heather Bailey.  And I want to use every bit of my fabric from my scrap pile.  I started these controlled improv blocks to make a quilt for the chair in my studio.


Embroidered Baby Quilt.  This one is secret sewing.  So only tiny sneak peaks.


DaBombDiggity Baby Quilt.  I love this project so much.  Good news is the shower is on Friday.  So tick tock.


Pretty Little San Francisco.  Love Satsuma Street.  Love this pattern.

That is a full and truthful accounting.  It does not included the other 3 baby quilts I need to get done this year.  Or the stuff I just added to my to-do list because I was stupid enough to look at the Purl Soho website – an advent calendar, scarf, gloves, overnight bag.  Or the sewing kit I want to make.  That is 26 projects.  26! I want to finish before the end of the year.  I think I may need to reset my expectations.  One day at a time.

One night…

I went the whole night without television.  What an inane statement, but still I am proud.  DH and I luxuriated in the quiet evening.  He is dozing on the couch after a few hours of reading.  And I have done a lot of things that I plan to do of an evening (before I end up numb and sprawled on the couch).  My smugness is punchable.  It gets worse.  I have pictures of what I did instead of watching TV.


Ate sushi at our dining room table!  It has been awhile since our dining room table has been used for anything other than storage or a place to lay out quilt designs.


Read about floral painting in 18th century France.  And I learned the meaning of two new words – haptic and florilegium.  I have shopped at a store called Florilegium for many years – so when I exclaimed to DH “Florilegium is a real word!”, it was nice that he kept a straight face.


I worked on the never-ending embroidery project.  I am still on N.  Still.


It was a good day.  I am going to go meditate and then punch myself.  Good night!

Running out of ombre!

In moments of distraction, I often play the mental game of “what if you could only have…”.  An example is “What if you could only ever eat food from one region?”  I would pick Mexican.  Or Italian.  Luckily, not a real eventuality but it is entertaining to think about.
Living in a country and class full of options, it is a luxury of the imagination.  As frivolous as it is, I appreciate you allowing me to indulge.
If I could only buy one brand of shoes… David Tate.
If I could only listen to music from one band/musician… Wilco.  And Cake.  And Diana Krall.
If I could only wear one brand of clothes… Eileen Fisher. (there is endless money in my thought exercises)
If I could only drink one type of beverage.  Peppermint tea.
This is as far as I have gotten in this exercise, except for one more thing…
40×40 baby boy quilt, using V & Co Ombre grey, navy, taupe.  Sunny Skies block pattern from Missouri Star.
Backing fabric is Message in a Bottle by Hawthorne Threads.
What if I could only use fabric from one line of quilting fabric (GASP !!  The horror)?
It would DEFINITELY be Ombre from V & Co.  No question.  I perpetually have a low-level fear that I will run out and not be able to buy more.  But I can’t buy all of the ombre.  That would be crazy.
I have completed one baby boy quilt using ombre.  I am working on a second baby boy quilt that might be my favorite baby quilt I have ever made.  I paired it with Kona medium gray.
The pattern is a simplified version of a pattern from Wanderlust Quilts.  I made the pattern without inset seams, which makes it slightly less striking – but it still is the bomb diggity.
I hope to finish this weekend.  And then I am going to work on a quilt for myself that uses the ombre.  So that I will always have some around me.

42 and Rambling

A staple of my latest schtick, for anyone who will stick around for my stand-up, is pondering whether my current love of life is genuine or a result of my anti-depressant.  I am not sure why it matters, good is good.  I am going with it.


Yesterday was my 42nd birthday.  And it was fabulous.  I visited the museum, had a great dinner, and mastered French Knots.  The latter may seem trivial, but it isn’t.


I have a baby quilt list that is very long (4!).  I need to get cracking on that, but I am transfixed with this weird embroidery project I have started.  I had one vision when I began, but it morphs as I work on it.  Right now I am striving for an abstract representation of Missouri Spring.  Lots of greens, lots of scrubbiness, a river, some purple trees.  It is transfixing me right now.


Lots more to talk about as I get back into the swing of blogging.  I got accepted as a Museum Guide at the Nelson-Atkins, I have been trying to learn to meditate, to get behind the waterfall of my thoughts, and I am plotting all kinds of new quilts (in addition to those 4 baby quilts).  More on all of that later.


It is spring in Missouri.  Blue skies (and Lexapro) ahead.


Capsule Update

I have been having fun with my capsule wardrobe.  It is simplifying life knowing exactly what I am going to wear everyday.  My closet is a lot less crowded.  And I have added a few fun seasonal-y pieces to make things a bit more woot.

These orange sandals are my favorite.  They were 1/2 off (still expensive, but not ridiculous) I think because of the color.  And they are comfortable and make me tall.


I have been trying to like myself more.  Gosh darn that is hard.  But with self love comes self care.  #preach  I took this selfie in the spirit of liking myself better.  I looked like a spazz posing in front of our forsythia at the end of the driveway.  But I don’t absolutely hate the picture. #progress #hashtag