deadlifts and dermabrasion

Small joys can amount to a happy life… the feel of good deadlifts with real weight coworkers that make work joy a challenging and rewarding job a squeaky clean face finding my voice in situations where it was once lost having experience to share finding other humans who will expose their soft spots an adorableContinue reading “deadlifts and dermabrasion”

Drawings and Writer’s Block

  I want to write every day – but today is a day when my head and body are tired.  I want to climb into bed… but I am finding that pushing through is sometimes a better feeling.  Keeping this commitment to myself is important.  So, with writer’s block, I am sharing some things IContinue reading “Drawings and Writer’s Block”

ISO: 29-year friendship

Last Saturday, a friend of mine passed away.  She was 42.  We became friends when we were 13.  I still haven’t been able to fully comprehend. We double-dated to Homecoming, Courtwarming, Prom.  I went to Worlds of Fun her inaugural weekend of being a dancing panda.  We rode together in her red escort.  Windows down, musicContinue reading “ISO: 29-year friendship”

Estes Park + Art in Denver

Oh, so much to blog about !!  I just finished posting about our trip many weeks ago to Bentonville, so probably just time to share some pictures from our trip to Estes Park.  More is forthcoming – the joy of miniature golf, the awesomeness that is Rocky Mountain National Park, and the treasures in theContinue reading “Estes Park + Art in Denver”

You don’t have to be cool

I hate cliches. I hate bandwagons.  I hate soporific memes. Yet I found myself listening to Kiss in the driveway last night and crying like a baby.  I have deep pockets of precious memories linked to Prince’s music. My friend Heather and I used to share a walkman and headphones listening over and over and overContinue reading “You don’t have to be cool”