A Baby Quilt Update

I currently am working on the most dope baby quilt I have ever made.  Not kidding – truly the greatest.  But because that baby quilt is secret sewing, here are some pictures of some other baby quilts I have wrapped up quickly.  They are pretty ok…

img_3434This was made based on a pattern in wanderlust quilts.  I modified and simplified it a bit so there weren’t any Y-seams.  I used V and Co. Ombre.  Something about the ombres, especially the yellow and turquoise make it look light the quilt is lit from within.  I used Kona Medium Gray… and my favorite baby boy quilt back fabric of the season, this Zoology print..


I loved giving this quilt.  The mom recipient is one of my favorite people.  And she really loved the quilt.


Next up is a quilt made for a friend who was going to be surprised by the gender.  When I ask what colors a nursery is going to be decorated, the trend is going to get very specific answers.  Which I would be the EXACT SAME if I was decorating a nursery.  But as a quiltmaker, I yearn for free color  and artistic control.  So when this mom said, “um, I don’t know, green?” I was thrilled.  And wowzer did I get crazy with the green.  I had a lot of fun with this quilt.



How sweet is that?  Love all of those greens – and I do think it will be equally cheerful for a boy and girl.  This has become my favorite baby quilt pattern.  It is on-point 5-in squares and tied.  The tieing and no binding make the quilts lay flatter and look cleaner.

I backed this quilt with a fun all-over numbers green print.


I have made 4 boy quilts in a row, so I was ready for a girl quilt.  So I used the same pattern and went crazy with the girly flowery prints.


Oh my gosh, that quilt is my jam !!  I still have to tie it, but then it will go to Project Linus.  I think it will make a small girl and a family happy.  With all those beautiful blooms, how couldn’t it?


WIP Update

Here is a change of pace… a blog entry about quilting on a quilting blog!

Sharing my looooong list of WIPs….

IMG_2462Project Linus Quilts – I have 9 more I want to make before year end.  I have one top done, and several unused quilt blocks in bright colors.  My goal was 1 quilt per month, but has been only 1 quilt per 3 months.  Lots to catch up on.  Luckily I mostly just need to quilt and bind.  I have lots of blocks to use.

The Colorado Quilt.  Despite a giant list of projects waiting for me, I lost one whole weekend to making scrappy log cabin blocks to frame the row-by-row patterns  I collected in Colorado.  The blocks are so full of color and joy.  I really want to get back to this project.


The Living Room Wall Hanging.  Again.  One of the last projects I finished before I got my Juki (I love my Juki) was a wall hanging for the living room featuring curved blocks.  Loved the fabric.  Loved the pattern.  But my sewing was sub-par.  My skills and sewing machine weren’t suited for the project.  I then got really bummed out that a bunch of gross light black dye stains got on the quilt when I washed it.  My husband claims I am the only one who can see them.  I know he is lying.  And I am so sick of seeing them.  I am working on a replacement from  pattern in Quilt Now.  I love how the new quilt will look.  And so looking forward to not facing that stain every day.


Poppies!  Earlier this year my mom and I collaborated on a quilt as part of a challenge from our Modern Quilt Guild.  We didn’t finish in time, but it is such a cool project that I would like to see to completion.  It is a representation of the World War 1 Museum in Kansas City.  Everything is done except for appliqueing on the poppies.


Tessellation Quilt.  This one is for the love of fabric.  I have the fabric, I have the desire.  I hate paper piecing.  But the good stuff sometimes takes the most fortitude.  And the quilt will be amazeballs.


Big Charming Bed Quilt.  This one is a bit anachronistic – It is a quilt for our bedroom – the one room in our house that is tres grown up.  It is a very modern pattern in very French General fabric.  I just need to piece the top.  This one I will have to send out for quilting.  I love my Juki, but not that much.


Heather Bailey Framed Improv.  I lurvs Heather Bailey.  And I want to use every bit of my fabric from my scrap pile.  I started these controlled improv blocks to make a quilt for the chair in my studio.


Embroidered Baby Quilt.  This one is secret sewing.  So only tiny sneak peaks.


DaBombDiggity Baby Quilt.  I love this project so much.  Good news is the shower is on Friday.  So tick tock.


Pretty Little San Francisco.  Love Satsuma Street.  Love this pattern.

That is a full and truthful accounting.  It does not included the other 3 baby quilts I need to get done this year.  Or the stuff I just added to my to-do list because I was stupid enough to look at the Purl Soho website – an advent calendar, scarf, gloves, overnight bag.  Or the sewing kit I want to make.  That is 26 projects.  26! I want to finish before the end of the year.  I think I may need to reset my expectations.  One day at a time.

Another Baby Quilt

Things have been hard the last few weeks. Some of my favorite blogs let people into their world – are honest and share the struggle so we all feel a little more human, like we are in this thing together.  I want to be able to do that – but it is hard.  Hard to share, hard to open up.  So the sadness remains cryptic, but I appreciate you being out there dear reader.  It will all be ok.  It has to be.

And, so, another baby quilt.  Setting aside the weirdness of a woman who has never had a baby making baby quilts, they make me happy.  Full of bright colors and promise and joy of a baby on a homemade quilt.  I mean, really, that is amazing.  And so I make baby quilts.IMG_2855

I want to make 12 quilts for Project Linus this year.  This one is #3.  A lot of my friends are having boys.  And so making a girl quilt is pretty darn fun.  This one is from a Bonnie and Camille charm pack and a lot of French General faux linen.  The pattern was fun, and I made this one a bit easier on myself by quilting just on to the batting and then tying with the perfect shade of aqua to the backing.  I think this quilt is going to make a little girl smile.


This is the end of the simperingly sweet waxing on baby quilts.  For now.  There will be more simpering and there will be more baby quilts.


Kitten on a Quilt Quilt

This is one of the Fat Quarter Shop snapshots patterns. I doubled the size to make a quilt big enough to donate to Project Linus. I love the pattern – time-consuming but straight-forward. And the Heather Bailey fabrics are just happiness.


I did a stipple free-motion quilt pattern – still one I need to work on, but servicable.
This is one of 3 Heather Bailey quilts I hope to finish this year. One with sashed improv blocks and one that I made for a tiny new baby. And I still am far from tired of working with her fabrics.

WIP: A Sea of Aqua (and red and pink)

photo (4)

So. Close.  I am so close to finishing all of my WIPs.  I have completed 44 projects this year, which includes 19 (!!) baby quilts.  I have two more to finish – just.two.more.  I am excited to be done.  This weekend I powered through another aqua, red, pink baby quilt.  And I have one more.  These blocks have been squirreled away for months.  Last night I seam-ripped them from some previous attachment folly.  Cut the sashing.  I am ready to tackle – well ready to iron a lot and then tackle.  Finish this one, and then only one more baby quilt.  Finish line?  Is that you I can see?

Blue Pixelated Baby Quilt


This started out as a gift, and ended up as a Project Linus quilt.  The reverse of what usually happens.  This is a free pattern from the KC Project Linus group.  They have so many awesome, free, easy-to-make patterns.  I loved working in all blues, and the design is easy and fun – biq squares trailing up to small squares.  I think it would be fun to redesign this one to use precuts… I think it would be pretty easy.

To keep things slightly interesting, I used bright orange binding.

And I quilted this one in a 2.5″ grid.  Simple and effective, and I think works well with the design.

I used a print I had a lot of for a very long time for the backing.  Not sure what the original intent was for this fabric, but I am happy, happy, happy to be able to use a lot of it up.  That is the BEST feeling!

Pirate Economy Block Baby Quilt

imageThis quilt.  I started with a great idea, but the colors of this one really started to bug me.  Not sure where I went off the rails, but there is just too much in this quilt.  This one sat and sat and sat.  But in a weekend of getting lots done (the weekend BEFORE I got this stupid summer cold and BEFORE I forced myself to admit I needed to have my machine cleaned and oiled), I decided to power through.

At first I liked making these, because I could trim down to the right size, but somewhere along the road of making, I ended up with some blocks that were 7 3/4″ square instead of 7 1/2″ square.  Grrr.

I kept working and working and eventually found things I liked about the quilt.  Like this adorable backing.  And how cute the binding looks with the backing.


And I quilted a lot of lines on this quilt, so it got nice and crinkly and lovely when washed.

This is a solid Project Linus finish.  I hope it finds a home with a family who will love the nautical theme and wonky colors.

Through various accidents (mostly fabrics-of-the-months clubs), I have a lot of nautical-themed fabric.  Even after making this quilt.  Once I get more ahead of my WIP list, I think I will make a simple square patchwork baby quilt to use them up.