A Baby Quilt Update

I currently am working on the most dope baby quilt I have ever made.  Not kidding – truly the greatest.  But because that baby quilt is secret sewing, here are some pictures of some other baby quilts I have wrapped up quickly.  They are pretty ok…

img_3434This was made based on a pattern in wanderlust quilts.  I modified and simplified it a bit so there weren’t any Y-seams.  I used V and Co. Ombre.  Something about the ombres, especially the yellow and turquoise make it look light the quilt is lit from within.  I used Kona Medium Gray… and my favorite baby boy quilt back fabric of the season, this Zoology print..


I loved giving this quilt.  The mom recipient is one of my favorite people.  And she really loved the quilt.


Next up is a quilt made for a friend who was going to be surprised by the gender.  When I ask what colors a nursery is going to be decorated, the trend is going to get very specific answers.  Which I would be the EXACT SAME if I was decorating a nursery.  But as a quiltmaker, I yearn for free color  and artistic control.  So when this mom said, “um, I don’t know, green?” I was thrilled.  And wowzer did I get crazy with the green.  I had a lot of fun with this quilt.



How sweet is that?  Love all of those greens – and I do think it will be equally cheerful for a boy and girl.  This has become my favorite baby quilt pattern.  It is on-point 5-in squares and tied.  The tieing and no binding make the quilts lay flatter and look cleaner.

I backed this quilt with a fun all-over numbers green print.


I have made 4 boy quilts in a row, so I was ready for a girl quilt.  So I used the same pattern and went crazy with the girly flowery prints.


Oh my gosh, that quilt is my jam !!  I still have to tie it, but then it will go to Project Linus.  I think it will make a small girl and a family happy.  With all those beautiful blooms, how couldn’t it?



I am working towards completing my works in progress.  I really have the bug to get everything wrapped up and decks cleared to start some new projects.

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.48.42 PM

This.  This is the white whale.  I must have this quilt.  I must.  I have the ombre bundle sitting in my studio.  I have the desire. I probably have the skill.  I want to own that quilt.

I want to focus on it completely.


And so I am wrapping up things.   Last weekend I finished a quilt top so it could be sent for quilting.  I wanted to finish a project per weekend, but didn’t get there this weekend. And I am fixated on how much “done” do I need to be.  I have a plethora of orphan blocks that should be used for something useful.  What do I do about those?  I am going to use them up.  These decks are going to be cleared!!


  1.  New quilt for our bed.  We growed-up the decorations in our room and so I want a new quilt to go with them.
  2. Living Room wall hanging.  I created a new wall hanging for our living room not that long ago.  But these mysterious black stains appeared on it when it was washed and it bugs me unreasonably.  I want to create a new one to replace it.  Goal for getting this done is 1/31.

IMG_25653. Heather Bailey improv quilt.  I still have a lot of Heather Bailey scraps that I want to make into a quilt for my studio.  I have started with these adorable blocks.  My goal for getting this quilt done is 2/7.


4. Lots and lots of Project Linus quilts.  I think most of these orphan blocks from my abandoned farm girl vintage quilt and those that I didn’t use in my stepdaughter’s quilt will make great Project Linus quilts.  But creating all of those quilts could take me another 3 months.  :/  My “find the gray” compromise will be to work on these interspersed with the WIPs above.  I got a start on a baby-sized quilt this weekend with some orphan blocks.


Here is to getting stuff done!!


Tiny Baby Quilt

This is a little quilt I made for a coworker who had a very difficult birth much earlier than expected.  It is a lot of improv and the “Welcome” block from Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.   All in gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric.  I haven’t heard from the mom yet if she likes the little quilt – but I hope so.  Mom and baby are healthy and home now.  Yay for happy endings.

IMG_2648 IMG_2647



I have a lot of scraps.  When I populated my new Raskogs, I did a scrap purge.  I had to face the fact that I will not use a lot of the scraps I had saved.  I saved about 75% of them and organized them by color.  It was sad to see the rest go, but I thought it was more important to have my scraps in a usable state than to save every last one.

I used my newly-found, calm-inducing scrap organization to start making slabs ala the instructions in Sunday Morning Quilts.  It was fun to make these blocks for sure, but more time intensive than I had hoped.  I was looking for quick if the blocks were this improv-y.  But each block took a bit of time.


I also made some “wonky” stars for the yellow color.


And I backed in my second favorite fabric of all time, this floral from Denyse Schmidt.  Which they still sell at Joann.  Because the financial gods are against me.


I wanted a blue binding to pull out the little bit of blue in the quilt.  I had this adorable stripe in my stash.  No idea where it came from.  After cutting out the binding I had a thin strip left.  That I put in my scrap bin.  Sigh.

I don’t think I like working with scraps.  This project felt like a bit of a slog until I got to the quilting part.  Pure joy.  I used a wood grain pattern.  My stitch consistency is still all over the place, but a bit better.  And it was so much fun.  I found myself wishing I had another top finished that I could quilt.  So I will get on that.  🙂

After washing and drying, the texture of this wood grain became just amazing and soft and quilty.  Seriously, can’t wait to do this again.  Motivation to finish a quilt top for reals.

I hope the recipient will love it for her daughter.  I do think I am pushing the boundary of how close a friend has to be for me to give her a baby quilt.  I might be handing them out on the street corner this time next year.  The great news is that a *very* good friend just told me she was pregnant.  Woot!  And so I can give her a quilt (or quilts) without it being weird at all.