Finish: A napping quilt

I have had the top done on this quilt since this summer.  I kept waiting for enough money to send it off for quilting.  And then I realized that there were much bigger priorities for our money, and decided to power through finishing this one. DH helped me baste.  Which was very challenging because weContinue reading “Finish: A napping quilt”

Finish: Radiant Splendor (not in purple)

This is the end of the road of the aqua-red-pink-blue baby quilt finishes.  This is my last bit of random blocks in this color scheme to use up. I LOVED making the radiant splendor block from this tutorial.  Even though I was a very novice sewer at the time, it was pretty easy to tackle.Continue reading “Finish: Radiant Splendor (not in purple)”

Finish: Aqua and Red Wonky Sampler

This year I made a bazillion aqua and red blocks and then squirreled them away to become wrinkly and unloved.  They were great skill builders – but they definitely were, um, random.  Random block patterns chosen, and all random sizes because I was sewing beyond my skill. So when I became determined to use upContinue reading “Finish: Aqua and Red Wonky Sampler”

Finish: Vintage Star Wall-Hanging

DH recently fixed some, ahem, issues with our kitchen ceiling.  And I have been slightly inspired to redecorate it a bit – editing, mostly, to go with a vintage vibe.  There is this weird space that needed a custom-sized thingamy.  So I made a quilt, of course. I love the colors in this one.  ActuallyContinue reading “Finish: Vintage Star Wall-Hanging”

Finished: 8-Point Star in Aqua, Pink, and Red

This is one of three aqua / red / blue baby quilts I am trying to finish for Project Linus as soon as possible. I have several orphan blocks made earlier this year when I thought this color combination was the bee’s knees. I still do think it is the bee’s knees; however a randomContinue reading “Finished: 8-Point Star in Aqua, Pink, and Red”

Itsy Bitsy Dordable Baby Bibs

A little friend of mine had her first birthday recently. I had some fun making these little bibs for her. Some Notes: 1. I love working with a warm color palette. Keeping it to just red, pink, orange, yellow always ends up with something that really makes me happy.  This project has just a soupconContinue reading “Itsy Bitsy Dordable Baby Bibs”