Thursday Therapy – Big and Small!

Slowly but surely I am getting caught up on the goal of completing a block for my aqua and red 2014 sampler quilt every week.  Right now I am only 5 blocks (5 weeks) behind. I got two wee (6″ blocks) done… Little appliqued hexie flower: Wee scrappy trip-along: And then a giant (24″) Carpenter’sContinue reading “Thursday Therapy – Big and Small!”

Thursday Therapy is Everyday! (vol. 2)

I have developed something I call “Sewer’s Hip”.  I hurt my hip in a spin class a few weeks ago and it has been exacerbated by my sewing chair / pedal foot position.  It has resulted in me sort of lurching when I stand up and start walking.  It got pretty bad… painful and embarrassing.Continue reading “Thursday Therapy is Everyday! (vol. 2)”

Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill

Since I got home from work yesterday, all I have wanted to do is dig into the Kristyne Czepuryk Blogger’s Choice bundle that showed up in the mail yesterday. I drifted off dreaming of those dreamy fabrics.  But I made a committment to myself to clean my closet today.  And I did.  But after thatContinue reading “Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill”

Thursday Therapy: Who Wore It Better?

I have been recreating some of the blocks I have created for Thursday Therapy in my color crush colors – and I think I am going to abandon the old color palette for this new color palette for my weekly blocks… what do you think – who wore it better – scrappy brights or grown-upContinue reading “Thursday Therapy: Who Wore It Better?”

Thursday Therapy: Three in the Breeze

I really needed some therapy tonight.  I got really bad news at work today.  I am frazzled and sad.  But I didn’t realize how much until I was about 1/2 way through this block and I started crying. Messy, heavy gasp crying.  You know, the good stuff?  I had kept it together all day.  AndContinue reading “Thursday Therapy: Three in the Breeze”